KISS: Keep it simple poopoosticks! (Dandasana)

Disclaimer: The modified quote above with "poopoosticks" added is courtesy of my young cousin Cece.

Dandasana (staff pose) is the foundation of all seated postures. Simple, not easy, I am reminded of a time years ago in a workshop with Kofi Busia where we sat in this pose for 30 minutes without support while he waxed philosophical!

Start sitting on the floor in front of a stack of blankets so that you can actually feel the touch of your hips and legs on the floor

Use your arms to keep the chest lifted and also to take some weight off the legs so you can adjust them. 

Test the strength of your legs by bringing your arms up to Urdhva Hastasana (arms extended).

The “staff” in this pose is the spine which must remain completely upright extended. If your “staff” falls back then take blanket support under your hips.

To protect your lower back, ensure that you can sit on the center of your pelvic “sit bones” and keep the legs absolutely straight.

Then, reach forward to Urdhva Mukha Dandasana (upward facing) and grab your feet, shins or a belt. Lead with your chest (heart) not your head.

Keep your legs and hips grounded into the earth. Your middle and lower back moving forward in a back extension. And lengthen your front body from navel to sternum towards the sky.

“The aim of yoga is to calm the chaos of conflicting emotions.”
— B.K.S. Iyengar